The Essence

Living and growing a family in the North awards you with a real and tangible connection to the land. As a mother of 5 and as a home baker and wannabe chef, it is this connection that seeps into everything - motherhood, food, harvesting, and experiencing the very heartbeat of the bit of earth that sustains us.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Brand New Blogger

I'm checking off "start a family blog" off my list of to do's, this is somthing I've wanted to get to for awhile. For me, this is a space that can record the day to day happenings of our family life, a journal we can look back on in our later days when the pitter patter (or thundering) of little feet is just an echo in our hallways. It can be a reminder of the sweet days of raising our children, of the chaos of bathtub toys floating in the toilet, a pumpkin thrown down the stairs to smash open against the wall, of KY Jelly used as body lotion. In the midst of the day to day grind sometimes its easy to lose sight of the joy, the humor and the absolute delight I have in all the moments that make up a day. One day our house will be filled with quiet, I hope this can be a space for me to look back upon to bring a smile to my day, a space of memories that might otherwise be forgotten. I should have started this 14 years ago when I was newly married and pregnant with our Dustin. 14 years of daily happenings are stored somewhere in my brain, maybe I will add them as I remember, so they won't all be lost. My family, my marriage, my children are my greatest gift, my reason for being here, my comfort and my refuge. I am so very blessed. I dedicate this blog to all our family and friends, you all help make us who we are and what we are about. You contribute to our family to make it full and great and more than we could have imagined.