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Living and growing a family in the North awards you with a real and tangible connection to the land. As a mother of 5 and as a home baker and wannabe chef, it is this connection that seeps into everything - motherhood, food, harvesting, and experiencing the very heartbeat of the bit of earth that sustains us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday June!


O.K so this post is late, it has been sitting in my draft folder since the 6th of May. I have been having problems with my photo uploader and my computer and so have been mentally boycotting my blog posts because I'm frusterated. Why can't things be easier?

My sweet little June bug turned two years old, and just like every mother, I go back to the hours of her birth on this day, the 6th of May, to recount every delicious detail that was hers.

Two years ago today I got up at 6am so that I could shower and shave my legs and paint my toenails and make sure I looked fabulous in front of the doctor and nurses who would see me at both my best and my worst. Maybe looking fabulous would make things less painful, or more glamorous, or maybe it would make it look like I had things together. I had been in Whitehorse waiting to deliver this baby for 5 weeks and my patience ran out, my determination to wait things out the natural way was traded in for cervadil.

T.J had requalifications this day, the 6th of May, that he really couldn't skip out on, he was instructing and people were counting on him to be there. So the plan took shape - he was going to get me settled in at the hospital, then he was going to leave to teach his course with his cell phone turned up loud strapped onto his belt. Cell phones work on Grey Mountain don't they?! Cervadil doesn't kick in right away, does it?

I did get settled into my bed on the maternity ward at about 9am, the straps of the monitor across my belly and the cervadil working its magic. I was reading "The Birth House". Things started slowly kicking into gear after lunch. I spent the afternoon breathing, staying peaceful, sitting on the excercise ball, reading some more. After 3 babies, 3 births, I was O.K with being alone, I was sure of myself, I was calm. I quietly prepared for what was to come. It was a powerful feeling, being there in the quiet of the room with my soon to be born baby.

At about 4 T.J returned, and helped me into the shower. The excersise ball I was sitting on sat right on top of the drain and the nurse came in to let us know the hospital room was flooding.

At 5 Gramma, my sister Megan and our kids showed up and decided they had enough time to go for supper. We had decided to let our kids participate in the birth of their newest sibling, and they all wanted to be there. Also around this time the nurse came in and told us there was a photographer in the maternity ward that was doing some kind of promotional thing for the hospital and she thought it would be so great to get some real footage of a woman in labour. The nurse took one look at me moaning and groaning with my still wet hair and my makeup from the morning long worn off and said she would tell the photographer not a chance!

At 6:30 Gramma and the crew came back and I was almost ready to push. Lydia took one look at me and had to wait out in the hall with Auntie Megan. She must have got over her fear pretty quickly, because I could hear her chanting, "go mommy go, go mommy go!" Emily really wanted to be in the room but fear and uncertainty won over and she settled for still in the room, but behind the curtain so that all I could see of her were her legs from the knee down. Dustin wanted to be there,too, he came right up by my head but then promptly turned around and stared at the wall. As June's head was crowning and I gave one last wail he ran from the room. June was born at 7:02 delivered into her Gramma's hands. She was blue all over and pooped right into my hand as I held her. It was special to have everyone there, as soon as she cried everyone came in, all the kids wanted to hold her right away. The day afterwards, the photographer pursued, and I let her in to take some pictures of our new family of six. They are up in the entrance of the hospital, and also in some brochures and on the website. And that's June's story.


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