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Living and growing a family in the North awards you with a real and tangible connection to the land. As a mother of 5 and as a home baker and wannabe chef, it is this connection that seeps into everything - motherhood, food, harvesting, and experiencing the very heartbeat of the bit of earth that sustains us.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Clean Out The Fridge Soup

Making a pot of soup is soothing to the soul. Soup is a pretty easy, quick thing to throw together and there is something about having a pot of soup simmering on your stove that makes you feel like you have it together. Soup on the stove makes me want to get all the laundry done, the bathrooms clean, the floors sparkling, and the shelves dusted. Soup propels me. If I have soup on the stove, it means it's going to be a pretty good day around the Grantham house. It makes the house smell good. Sometimes when we are nearing a grocery run into Whitehorse, I'll have some random vegetables that aren't much on their own, but that together make a darn good soup. I love soup because you can throw almost anything in the pot and it will be delicious. I had a small butternut squash, some carrots, a rutabaga and some onion.

Chop it all into chunks, melt some butter in a pot and throw it all in. Add a spoonful of garlic, some Italian spice and salt and pepper. You can add some fresh herbs, too of you have some. 

After that has fried up for a while and your kitchen is starting to smell yummy, add some chicken stock and some white wine, enough so that the vegetables float. 

Now you can go be productive for a little while, letting the vegetables simmer until they are soft. Remember all the laundry that soup makes you want to do? Maybe I lied a little about that. 
After the vegetables are soft, get out your immersion blender. Alternatively you could pour this all into a blender, but you really should have an immersion blender. Buzz all the vegetables up until they are smooth. 

You can add some more chicken stock if it is a little thick, and some more salt and pepper, to taste. We ate this soup up just like this, with some crusty bread, but then afterwards I thought about adding some cocunut milk, ginger, and a bit of curry to it. Next time I'll do that. 

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